The first review of “The Ash Angels” has come in, and it’s really freakin’ great. Here’s an excerpt:

“Rogers has taken his incredible main character — Felix Renn — and expanded the story, bringing a more emotional and descriptively dark side of his writing style out for all to see. The pace is fast, the writing tight, but most important of all (to me) — this piece is pitch black in humor and style.”

Paperback Horror
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Thanks to Colum at Paperback Horror for the wonderful review. And I promise, that Felix Renn novel is coming. I’m currently in training — writer training, that is, which means I’m working on some Felix Renn short stories to gear myself up for the main event. In fact, I just finished one the other day, and I’m currently thinking about where I should submit it. Once I get another story or two finished, I’ll be ready to tackle the novel. Cue the Rocky music.