Chilling Tales now available… in Canada

The all-Canadian horror anthology, Chilling Tales, which features a new Felix Renn story called “My Body,” is now available from and list an April 2011 release date, so U.S. readers may have to wait a bit longer for the book. Of course, if you’re really hankering for more Felix Renn, you might want to just go ahead and order it from I wouldn’t blame you if you did. The line-up for this book is pretty damn impressive. I count myself lucky to have my work appear alongside such talented authors.

In other Felix news, I learned the lesson of why it is usually a bad idea to talk about works-in-progress. About a week into the writing of the new Felix Renn chapbook, I came to the conclusion that the story was much bigger than I had originally envisioned. Suffice to say, Exhibition Loop will be written one day, not as a novelette but as a novel.

After a week or two of tossing around new ideas, I finally started on another story that will be the third Felix Renn chapbook. And no, I’m not going to tell you what it’s called. At least not until it’s finished. I learned my lesson.

“The Ash Angels” reviewed by Simon Strantzas

Simon Strantzas, one of Canada’s premiere authors of weird fiction, has posted a review of “The Ash Angels”:

What can one say about “The Ash Angels”? The first sequel to “Temporary Monsters”, TAA take Rogers’s hero, Felix Renn, into quieter, more emotional territory. But don’t let that description fool you — Rogers’s dialogue is as sharp and funny as ever. He understands the rat-a-tat-tat language of the best noir, and uses it to explore the interpersonal relationships of his characters. The fact that “The Ash Angels” is a different beast from “Temporary Monsters”, and yet just as enjoyable, cements the proof that the Felix Renn character has a lot of life in him, and a lot of distance to travel. Which is good, as Rogers promises on his website many more adventures for the detective. That may be unlucky for Renn, but it’s oh so lucky for us.

It’s always great to get a good review, but it’s even better when the reviewer truly understands what the writer was setting out to accomplish. Mucho thanks, Simon!

“Angels” update and the third Felix Renn chapbook

My publisher has informed me that “The Ash Angels” will be going into a second printing. Mucho thanks to everyone who picked up a copy and helped make this possible. If you’re interested in snagging a first printing, you might still be able to get one from Horror Mall or, if you act fast, directly from the publisher.

The support for the Felix Renn/Black Lands stories has been truly overwhelming. I’m grateful to everyone who has bought one of the chapbooks, as well as the people who have taken the time to approach me at conventions and readings to tell me how much they enjoy the series, or to ask me when the next one will be out, or, better yet, when I will be getting to work on a Felix Renn novel.

I can tell you the novel is coming, once I get a couple of other projects off my plate, and as for the third Felix Renn chapbook, I expect to begin writing it within the next couple of weeks, for a September 2011 release. It will be called “Exhibition Loop.”

“Chilling Tales”

I’m excited to announce the upcoming publication of Chilling Tales, an anthology of Canadian horror fiction edited by Michael Kelly, from EDGE Publishing. My contribution is a new Felix Renn story called “My Body.”

Here’s the cover art and line-up:

“Stay” by Leah Bobet
“Blacklight” by Michael Colangelo
“The Needle’s Eye” by Suzanne Church
“The Shrines” by Gemma Files
“King Him” by Richard Gavin
“The Carpet Maker” by Brent Hayward
“Foxford” by Sandra Kasturi
“Sympathy For the Devil” by Nancy Kilpatrick
“Dead” by Claude Lalumière
“Cowboy’s Row” by Christopher K. Miller
“Looker” by David Nickle
“Last Waltz” by Jason S. Ridler
“404” by Barbara Roden
“My Body” by Ian Rogers
“Safe” by Brett Alexander Savory
“The Deafening Sound of Slumber” by Simon Strantzas
“The Weight of Stones” by Tia V. Travis
“Tom Chestnutt’s Midnight Blues” by Robert J. Wiersema

The book will be launched at next year’s World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas. It’s currently available for pre-order from and

DarkLit Fest of Durham

This is a reminder that I will be a guest at DarkLit Fest of Durham tomorrow at the Oshawa Public Library. I’ll be moderating a panel in the morning called “Dark and Stormy Nights: Writing Horrifying Horror Fiction.” I’ll also be signing copies of “Temporary Monsters” and “The Ash Angels” that will be available for sale. And I’ll be doing a short reading after lunch.

If you’re in the area, you should definitely come out. The event is free and there will be many great authors and publishers in attendance. A full listing of the guests and events can be found at the DarkLit Fest of Durham website.

I hope to see you there.

First review of “The Ash Angels”

The first review of “The Ash Angels” has come in, and it’s really freakin’ great. Here’s an excerpt:

“Rogers has taken his incredible main character — Felix Renn — and expanded the story, bringing a more emotional and descriptively dark side of his writing style out for all to see. The pace is fast, the writing tight, but most important of all (to me) — this piece is pitch black in humor and style.”

Paperback Horror
Read the full review

Thanks to Colum at Paperback Horror for the wonderful review. And I promise, that Felix Renn novel is coming. I’m currently in training — writer training, that is, which means I’m working on some Felix Renn short stories to gear myself up for the main event. In fact, I just finished one the other day, and I’m currently thinking about where I should submit it. Once I get another story or two finished, I’ll be ready to tackle the novel. Cue the Rocky music.

Life as a Writer

Andy Burns from BIFF BAM POP interviewed me about the Black Lands, Felix Renn, and life as a writer, while Mary Rajotte from the Toronto Writing Examiner did a great two-part article on the upcoming release of “The Ash Angels” and my participation in some upcoming events.

“The Ash Angels” now available for pre-order

I just received word that “The Ash Angels” is now available for pre-order from Burning Effigy Press. Also, for a limited time, you can pick up “Temporary Monsters” and “The Ash Angels” together and save $1 on the chapbooks, and a $1 on shipping.

Of course, if you’re in the Toronto area this weekend, why not stop by the Burning Effigy Press table at Word on the Street and pick up your copies in person? I’ll be signing from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and for those of you who do show up, I may be inclined to reveal a few secrets about the next Felix Renn chapbook… or maybe even the first Felix Renn novel… or the second Black Lands series I’m currently plotting out…

With “The Ash Angels” coming out soon, I’m feeling very generous, so be sure to swing by and take advantage of it!

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The Black Lands is a dimension filled with supernatural creatures that lies next to our own. This alternate reality is the setting for a series of stories by Ian Rogers.

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