Chilling Tales 2Kaye lives at a very unusual halfway house. There are locks on all the doors and guards armed with high-powered rifles. Her roommate is a “cutter” named Mad Hattie.

Kay manages to score a day pass – one of Dr. Galbraith’s famous “golden tickets” – and returns home to spend Thanksgiving with her family. 

In the world of the Black Lands, nothing is what it seems. Not even Kaye.


Published in: Chilling Tales 2 (EDGE Books)
Date: October 2013

Trade Paperback
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“Day Pass” is the first story I wrote about the Black Lands that didn’t feature Felix Renn. It’s always been my intent to write Black Lands stories featuring other characters. Some of these will figure into the Felix Renn stories, while others are merely there to show what life is like for other people in this dark and dangerous world.

For me it’s all about the human element. I think good characters in realistic settings, with real problems, help to sell the fantastical parts. I’m not sure if I succeed in accomplishing that in this particular story, but I sure enjoyed exploring the idea of a halfway house for shapeshifters.