Supernatural Tales 22A woman shows up late one night at Felix Renn’s office. She’s been bitten by a vampire – something akin to a death sentence in the world of the Black Lands – and she has nowhere else to go. If she goes to the emergency room, the PIA will put her in federal quarantine. If she goes home, she might end up slaughtering her entire family.

What she wants to do is track down the ones responsible for destroying her life.

Felix has to decide if he’s willing to help a woman who is about to turn into a monster… if he can even help her at all.

  • “Midnight Blonde” received an honourable mention in Imaginarium 2013 and in The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 5.


Published in: Supernatural Tales #22
Date: September 2012


With “Midnight Blonde” I wanted to write a true detective-noir type story. A mysterious woman, a late-night excursion, and a couple of twists at the end.

This is a story about what you would do if you knew you had only 24 hours left to live. It also allowed me to explore in a bit more detail how vampires and vampirism work in the world of the Black Lands.

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