Chilling TalesFelix Renn has just come off a case that’s left him tired, shaken, and more than a little afraid of the dark.

The last thing he needs on the long drive home is a young girl at the side of the road asking him for help.

She tells Felix she’s in trouble, but in the world of the Black Lands things are not always as they seem.


Published in: Chilling Tales (EDGE Books)
Reprinted in: SuperNOIRtural Tales
Date: March 2011 (Chilling Tales)
November 2012 (SuperNOIRtural Tales)

Chilling Tales

SuperNOIRtural Tales

Burning Effigy Press


“My Body”is a take on a popular urban myth, featuring my supernatural sleuth, Felix Renn.

What urban myth it is? Well, I can’t tell you as it would probably ruin the story.While it may seem like an open and shut case for Felix, things have a tendency of turning out differently in a world where the supernatural is the norm.


“This is a well thought out tale with some great twists.”

SF Reader
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“…moving for the way in which it is told and the emotional acuity of the protagonist, the sadness and inevitability of all that takes place.”

Black Static

“Ian Rogers brings us My Body. This is a well-thought-out tale with some great twists. A private detective meets a little girl who takes him into a haunted house. It is now his job to try to figure out who is doing the haunting.”

Innsmouth Free Press
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“Among the good stories I will mention Barbara Roden’s “404”, a Kafkaesque tale of office horror where employees mysteriously disappear one at the time, and Ian Rogers’ “My Body”, a modern ghost story with an undercurrent of sadness.”

SF Revu
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“In “My Body” by Ian Rogers… I found the mystery of the story intriguing, and was in the dark about the reveal until nearly the end.”

Flames Rising
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