Felix Renn is a private investigator in a supernatural world, an alternate reality where a dark dimension called The Black Lands co-exists alongside our own. Travelling to and from The Black Lands is dangerous — and illegal — but that doesn’t stop some of the creatures that reside there from crossing over into our world from time to time.

In this collection of stories, Felix encounters a variety of terrifying entities, including ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and the dreaded Black-Eyed Kids.

In a world where paranormal has become the norm, each new case may be his last.

SuperNOIRtural Tales collects all of the Felix Renn stories published to date, as well as a brand-new 50,000-word novella, “The Brick.”

Featuring an introduction by Mike Carey, author of the Felix Castor novels and writer for the DC/Vertigo comic book series Lucifer, Hellblazer, and The Unwritten.

Published by: Burning Effigy Press
Date: November 2012
Ordering: Out of print.
Notes: Ever since “Temporary Monsters” was first published, I started thinking about putting together a collection of Felix Renn stories.

It was clear from the success of the first chapbook that there would be another one, and while I was extremely impressed with the quality of the publication and the number of copies that were sold via the Burning Effigy website and at conventions, I felt like we were missing a potentially wider audience.

With the publication of “Black-Eyed Kids,” I finally felt I had enough material for a collection. My intent was to do a book of around 100,000 words, with about half reprints and half new, unpublished material. The plan was to write a bunch of short stories, but as it often the case, things didn’t work out that way.

When I started work on the new stories, I came to the realization, based on reviews and e-mails from fans, that readers didn’t want a bunch of short stories. They wanted long stories. They wanted a novel.

So that’s what I gave them.

At 50,000 words, “The Brick” is the longest Felix Renn story published to date. I feel it provides the perfect bridge between the chapbooks and the novels. I’ve even included a number of Easter Eggs spread throughout the story to tantalize readers with some of the things I plan to explore in the novels.

Reviews: “Supernatural noir with a side of smartass.”

— CheffoJeffo
(read the full review)

“Rogers strikes an excellent balance and delivers on both plot and character development. His “Black Lands” are a great concept and feel natural to the world, never forced into a story. Looking forward to Rogers taking Felix Renn on a novel-length adventure.”

— HouseLeague Fiction
(read the full review)

“…the higher word count allows Rogers to really stretch his wings and fully develop his fictional world, and it’s the details of this alternate reality, along with the distinctive voice of Renn, that makes these tales something special.”

— Twilight Ridge
(read the full review)

“Rogers plays with the juxtaposition of the ordinary and the extraordinary, illustrating how ordinary people can learn to cope with the introduction of the Weird into their everyday lives.”

— Speculating Canada
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“Wry and stylishly bizarre… Felix Renn has entered the weird and wild urban fantasy front; I hope he’s on the job for years to come.”

— Laird Barron, author of The Croning and Occultation

“…an evocation of the classic, hardboiled detective that skirts the edge of parody without ever falling into it.”

— John Langan, author of House of Windows

“…a fast-paced entertaining story that gleefully mashes up all-things-supernatural with his hardboiled PI.”

— Paul Tremblay, author of Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye

“…there’s a lot of shading to Renn — the humour, the regrets, the resourcefulness… the chilly isolation of the human soul is felt throughout… Truly, this is one of the most chilling horror stories I’ve read in years. Make that, that I’ve read period.”

— Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown

“[Rogers] understands the rat-a-tat-tat language of the best noir, and uses it to explore the interpersonal relationships of his characters… Felix Renn has a lot of life in him, and a lot of distance to travel.”

— Simon Strantzas, author of Nightingale Songs

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