My publisher has informed me that “The Ash Angels” will be going into a second printing. Mucho thanks to everyone who picked up a copy and helped make this possible. If you’re interested in snagging a first printing, you might still be able to get one from Horror Mall or, if you act fast, directly from the publisher.

The support for the Felix Renn/Black Lands stories has been truly overwhelming. I’m grateful to everyone who has bought one of the chapbooks, as well as the people who have taken the time to approach me at conventions and readings to tell me how much they enjoy the series, or to ask me when the next one will be out, or, better yet, when I will be getting to work on a Felix Renn novel.

I can tell you the novel is coming, once I get a couple of other projects off my plate, and as for the third Felix Renn chapbook, I expect to begin writing it within the next couple of weeks, for a September 2011 release. It will be called “Exhibition Loop.”