Felix Renn is a Toronto-based private investigator whose cases tend to involve the supernatural.

His first appearance was in the novelette, “Temporary Monsters,” which explored, at least in part, why Felix is so often drawn to the paranormal.

Felix has an apartment in the Annex and an office above a used bookstore near the intersection of Yonge and Bloor. His ex-wife, former actress Sandra Clifton, occasionally works as his assistant.

As a result of his work, Felix often crosses paths with the Paranormal Intelligence Agency. He claims to have even worked with them on occasion.

The PIA denies this.

Stories featuring Felix Renn

“Temporary Monsters”

“The Ash Angels”

“Black-Eyed Kids”

“The Brick”

“My Body”

“Midnight Blonde”

“Out of the Blue”

“Eyes Like Poisoned Wells”