Shivers VIIICemetery Dance #74/75Felix is hired to recover a rare sword that has been stolen from a rich man’s estate.

What at first seems to be a simple case of recovering stolen property turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse where nothing — and no one — is what it seems.

  • “Eyes Like Poisoned Wells” received an honourable mention in The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 9.
Published in: Cemetery Dance #74/75
Reprinted in: Shivers VIII
Date: October 2016 (Cemetery Dance #58)
April 2019 (Shivers VIII)
Ordering: Cemetery Dance Publications

Shivers VIII
Cemetery Dance Publications

Notes: As was the case with “Midnight Blonde,” I wanted to write a story that explores the tropes of the classic detective story — in this case, the rich, mysterious client and the equally mysterious — and dangerous — wife.

Of course I had to put a supernatural spin on things.

Reviews: “A well done creature feature.”

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